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Recommended Products

As an Artist, I am always trying new products as I love learning new ways to create!

These items are just some of my favorites. 

Just click the link and shop away!

Let's talk PENS!  Not only do I enjoy lettering but I also use pens to outline paintings.  In my journey I have fallen in love with these! They are Japanese-made and you will love them as much as I do! They come in superfine, fine and medium. I use the medium size on my paintings and for lettering.

BRUSHES are another product I get questions about. I have a vast array of brushes as I'm always trying new ones, but here are the ones I recommend for our paint classes. I have a few in stock but you can order directly from our partner "The Brush Guys".

I have also included recommended cleaning products for them! Use the code "VAEAZ" and receive a 5% discount!

The Brush Guys red jpeg 4.jpg

WATERCOLOR!  I LOVE watercolor. Here is a product that you can fold up and throw in your purse, fanny-pack (those are back in style) and/or backpack when that creative spirit comes on no matter where you're at!  My husband loves to go out to eat and watch sports. 

What can I do through a baseball game?  CREATE!

This product is great for Bible Journaling as well!

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